Lab: 30 Days No Sugar

There’s always a lot of chat around quitting sugar. Unlike most health-crazes (for want of a better word) I don’t think anyone can or does disagree with the notion that sugar is bad. What scares me about sugar is two things: One, how addicted to it we all are without even realising it and two, how much of it is in EVERYTHING. Pretty much anything that processed and tastes good… it’s in there. But taste is all relative and this is the main finding I bring to you from my first City Mum Lab.


To ditch sugar for 30 days.

Mission accomplished?

Sort of. I wanted to restrict all sugars for 30 days including fruit, however, it ended up being just refined sugars that I kept at bay. Fruit won. #SorryNotSorry.

The bad:

To be honest, the first week was crazy hard, but after the initial withdrawals it got a lot easier. Before I became pregnant I had been Paleo for around six months, which I actually really enjoyed. I remember it was hard at the time, but as I didn’t have a child, I had a lot of free time to prepare food, to shop for food and to relax whenever I felt tired.

Now, as a working mother, things are somewhat different. Here’s why:

  • Eating clean is expensive. It means cutting out almost everything processed from your diet and that means fresh produce, which we know costs more and doesn’t keep as long.
  • Eating clean takes time… of which I don’t have. Time to shop, time to prepare, time to research, time to… well, just time!
  • Lastly, eating clean makes it hard to snack. When you don’t stop all day long it’s inevitable you’ll get tired. What do you want to reach for to keep you going? Sugar, of course. So combating fatigue with healthy, fresh options was a tough one, hence why I caved on the fruit aspect of this particular study.

So that’s the hard part, BUT – and there is a big ol’ but – even after all of that, if you can pull this off – I honestly believe it is 100% worth the effort!

The good:

If I sound kinda smug, It’s because I am. Cutting out something our lives has revolved around since we were born is a big ask. It takes time and effort, however, after the first week of bad moods, lethargy and a bit of a headache, something happened: I felt GOOD.


quitting sugar

30 days later? I feel more alert, I wake up easier, I sleep better and I generally have more energy. My skin looks clearer, I’m wearing less makeup and I feel lighter. Suddenly, all those things that used to “taste good” now taste overtly sweet and unappetising. Just a month of no sugar and I’m looking at a block of chocolate and I’m finding I’m kind of indifferent.

Conclusion: So will I keep it up?

I might not be able to be as strict as I have been this last month, but I can’t ignore how much better I feel. Being a busy mum it’s difficult to really focus on your diet, but nothing is more important than your health and the health of your family, so I’m going to give it a good crack.

With all of the research out there telling us how much we’re destroying our bodies with our addiction to sugar, I think despite the effort it takes to get it out of our system, it’s something we should all be striving for. Just being aware of how much of it we consume on a daily basis will probably help us all live a little healthier. Give it a go. 30 days isn’t much in the space of a lifetime and whatever you decide at the end of it, your body will thank you for it.

Eating plans and ways to fit this all in with a working mum’s life to come. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s some great blogs and books you can check out if you’re interested in  feeling the best you’ve felt in … well, probably ever.

I quit sugar

This book really helped me: Clean & Lean – Bodyism

Paleo Hacks – 12 painless ways to cut out sugar



Sam Summers
Sam Summers

Sam is the editor at City Mum and mother to one cheeky toddler, Thor. Outside of her day-job in marketing and full-time-job of Mummy, Sam loves to write and has published three fiction novels. Originally from London and currently in Sydney, Sam is a city girl through and through, with a penchant for Paris and New York. She loves Sydney and the sunshine, but secretly prefers the rain... her ideal way to relax is a stormy day run, followed by a quaint coffee shop and her MacBook Pro.

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