Beauty Fix – Feather Touch Brows

Being a working city mum, it’s not easy to find time for all your old beauty rituals. Based on ten minutes of make-up preening each day you are spending two and a half days a year applying make up. No mother has time for that!

There’s an array of semi to permanent beauty tricks out there, some more scary than others, but cosmetic eyebrow tattooing seems to be one of the less scary options these days. Gone are the days of ink looking blue or painted on. Now, it’s almost impossible to tell if someone’s had it done… apart from the fact they have amazing eyebrows that it. There are some great salons and beauticians who specialise in the treatment and the results are stunning, time-saving and very working-mum friendly!

6c513b_b2f86b5c19cb4436af5829ec9a7706e4-jpg_srz_278_242_85_22_0-50_1-20_0For some of us, the 90s fashion trends left us with a horrible aftertaste. Over-plucked brows that grew back patchy or not at all have meant eyebrow pencils and lengthy make up routines for the last decade! Now we can rid ourselves of this 90s hangover. The key here is to find a good salon. Google, read reviews and ask around. The effects last well over a year and your eyebrows will forever look perfect. How awesome is that?

So what’s involved? For cosmetic eyebrow tattooing a small metal hand tool with fine needles is used to create fine hair-like strokes. A hypo-allergenic pigment is then implanted into the skin and will generally last up to 2 years.  (Results will vary depending on the clients exposure to sun and resistance to pigment).

What’s it cost? Well, it’s not cheap. Probably between $500 and $700 depending on where you go, but if, like me, you usually spend more than a few minutes each morning penciling the perfect brow then the investment is worth it in the time you get back alone!





Sam Summers
Sam Summers

Sam is the editor at City Mum and mother to one cheeky toddler, Thor. Outside of her day-job in marketing and full-time-job of Mummy, Sam loves to write and has published three fiction novels. Originally from London and currently in Sydney, Sam is a city girl through and through, with a penchant for Paris and New York. She loves Sydney and the sunshine, but secretly prefers the rain... her ideal way to relax is a stormy day run, followed by a quaint coffee shop and her MacBook Pro.

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