Bula! Why Fiji is the Ultimate Family Holiday

Bula! We took Baby Thor on his first family holiday last week. He’s a well-travelled little two and a half year old, but this was the first pool, sunshine and cocktails (for us) kind of vacay. It’s not a huge secret that Fiji is amazing, let’s be honest, but for anyone who hasn’t been and is thinking about getting away for some well-deserved R&R I can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s why:

  • For anyone on the East Coast, it’s less than four hours away, yet when you arrive it still feels like you’ve totally escaped. When flying with a toddler this is a big tick.
  • The people are wonderful. So genuinely friendly, the Fijians are a culture built on family and the happiness of children. As such, each and every one of them is warm and welcoming and kids sense it straight away. The comfort factor for this is reason, goes through the roof.
  • Kids Club. Children have to be three to go to kids club so Baby Thor didn’t quite cut it, but I can tell you he will be going next year! What better way to relax and feel like you’ve actually had some adult time than to know your kids are well looked after and having fun… for free? Even if they are too young for kids club, babysitting is so cheap, you can find a way for a bit of alone time in there somewhere.

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So what are the cons?

  • The food. It’s overpriced and kind of average. Again, this is no secret and I am not just basing this on my experience. If you Google it, it appears to be a running theme across reviews, however, it’s not awful and for what it lacks in grub, it makes up for in everything else. If you’re on a budget and you can get yourself breakfast included – do it!
  • The beach for most of the hotels near Nadi. Black sand, not quite what you expect from Fiji. A trip out to the islands will solve this, where true idyllic paradise awaits. For us, we didn’t want to continue to travel too far with a toddler after the plane trip, so I highly recommend the ease of one of the amazing resorts in/around Denarau or the Coral Coast with a day trip to the more tropical beaches if desired. The pools and resorts are pretty incredible anyway if you’re just looking for a few days relaxation. A friend stayed on one of the islands with her family and one of her children got sick one night and needed a doctor; they couldn’t get off the island until the next day. Just worth bearing in mind when travelling with small kids!

Overall though, big ticks for Fiji and its wonderful people. An incredible family holiday destination.

Happy holidaying!

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Sam Summers
Sam Summers

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