5 Small-Apartment Christmas Decorating Ideas

Square metres come at a huge price tag in the city, as we all know. So if like most of us, you’re in an apartment, it doesn’t mean Christmas can’t be full of all the magic you love.

Here’s some tips to help you get festive in your cosy space.



Table Top Trees

Don’t have room for a tree? A good quality small table-top tree can look just as beautiful.





Creative Trees

Don’t even have room for a table-top tree? Get creative with wall space or branches





Fairy Lights

Twinkling lights get us all feeling festive. Well placed window lights or creative wall hanging can instantly transform your space into a Christmas grotto.





DIY Table settings

Lights, lights and more lights!




Cushions and Blankets

Cushions and blankets you only get out at Christmas time can get you in that Christmas spirit in no time and instantly cosy-up your space.


Happy decorating

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Sam Summers
Sam Summers

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