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Your whole world changed with the birth of your precious little one, but then it changed again when you had to go back to work… talk about a smack in the face. It’s not easy being a mother, but it sure as hell gets harder when, just as you get your head around the new you, it’s time to find the old you again. Are you still in there? Can you go back to work and still be that person as well as Mum? Your head hurts as you consider how you’ll juggle it all. The day care drop offs, the pick ups, the dinners, the bath times, the bed times, the washing, the cleaning; not to mention the colds, the fevers and of course… the guilt.

It’s daunting, but a comfort to know you’re not alone.

Quote of the Week

"We may not have the power to create the world we want immediately, but we can all start working on the long term today."

- Mark Zuckerberg,


Sam Summers is the Editor and Founder of City Mum. Also, Media Executive, Graphic Designer, Author, Blogger and Mummy to Baby Thor. Hoping to provide useful, fun and motivational content to bring together a powerful network of working mums who can offer advice, share stories and empower one another.